Site and Sight

17-fluxus5-450joseph_beuys_installation_stamp After our visit to Newcastle and seeing the Fluxus work in the Baltic, I’ve decided the idea of collecting and displaying objects is where I’d like to take this project. Well it’s one idea. I’ve started collecting stuff from the Botanics already, just things that have fallen on the ground like berries, leaves and i took some puddle water too. My feet were soaking and muddy but its all part of the fun! Although one of the leaves had thorns on it that I didn’t notice.

I have also been looking at Mark Dion who collects things in groups and displays them. I really like his work aesthetically and conceptually. He re-creates museums in a sense, categorising found objects. Many of the pieces that he presents are natural, like mud or wood.

I really enjoyed the blindfold task we had the other day, I don’t think I’ve had that much fun at college in ages! So I would like to repeat that at the Botanics, take someone with me to describe everything. I was thinking of getting something like a roll of lining paper and just sit the whole day working on it. I’ll try using the materials around, like mud but I’d like to use a paintbrush to have more control seeing as I wont be able to look at the marks I will be making. For the materials to act like paint I’ll have to mix in some water, which wont be too difficult to find in this weather. That’s my ideas so far but it’s early days…



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