Natural materials

Natural materials

Some things I gathered from the Botanics, like puddle water, moss and mushrooms. Left corner displays the date and what is in the bags. This isn’t how I would want to display them it’s really just an experiment to see if the scent stayed- it didn’t! I’ll have to investigate how to generate smells or at least maintain it. I got some test tubes, petrie dishes and a few jars from my mum. I hope they will be able to keep the smell inside. I’ve added some puddle water to one of the jars with mud so I’ll check that on Monday. Below is a test tube with a twig in it, I could keep water( from a puddle, snow or ice) in it too. The jars can be used for anything, they’re quite big. I went back to the Botanics on Tuesday to collect more organic materials, I was all organised with my petrie dishes labelled and colour coded . My plan was to get my map and make a line where I walk and when I pick up either a stone, leaf or soil I would mark it accordingly on the map. It was windy, freezing and even started snowing! I did try and gather as much as I could, soil was impossible as is was all frozen. I did manage to get everything apart from the soil so it wasn’t a wasted trip (3rd image). Last image is just items collected whilst walking around, I’ve done a couple of line drawings of them. Tomorrow I’m going back to the Botanics to do some blindfolded work, I want to try making a paste from natural materials and apply it like paint. I’ll take traditional materials too so I’m not restricted. I’m enjoying this project so much more than the last one…

Test tube
Petrie dishesdscf1024

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