Philosophical Aesthetics Notes.

Aesthetics – 18th cent. was first used in philosophical terminology, and became one of the fundamental branches of philosophy.How it looks, how it connects with the idea.

Art -Express yourself and ideas, connect with something and someone, brings new thoughts, provokes reaction or feelings, addressing new subjects, respond to current issues, bring people together.

To know what beauty is, you have to know what ugly is.

Imitation – Copy, another version.

Sublime – Perfection, beauty, pleasure, nothing else compares to its greatness, inspires, leaves you in awe. Representing the unrepresentable.

Imitation – Offers no new knowledge or insight to the truth.

Plato is against art, Aristotle is for.

Judgement- Good taste/ Bad taste… Who sets the standards? Learn it or is personal?


Some examples of wet media…

Robert Rauschenberg uses screen printing as well as paint, couple of examples below.

Andy Warhol also uses screenprints…

Tracey Emin uses more monoprints in her work like the image below. She also uses fabric in her work and often uses thread as a drawing material.

Luc Tuymans creates a soft eerie look with washes and watercolours.

Historical Artists

  • Auguste Rodin (born François-Auguste-René Rodin in 1840 and died 1917)
  • French sculptor.
  • The Kiss was originally called Francesca da Rimini.
  • In marble in the Rodin Museum in Paris.
  • Few smaller versions in bronze were commissioned around 1898
  • Barbara Hepworth, 1903 – 1975. Christened Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth.
  • British sculptor
  • Works with a range of material, from bronze to marble to wood.
  • Above “Wave” 1943-1944, inspired by the land and seascape in Cornwell.


  • Naum Gabo, 1890 – 1977
  • Russian Sculptor
  • Part of the Constructive movement and a pioneer of Kinetic Art
  • Studied medicine and natural science then engineering

  • Alberto Giacometti, 1901 – 1966
  • Swiss sculpture, draftsman, printmaker and painter
  • Experimented with cubism and surrealism
  • Most of his sculptures were made of bronze, including the above sculptures “Walking Man”

Annette Messager


This is the work Jenny suggested I should look at on Friday. I really like all the different materials she uses in her work and how she displays them too. I’ve kinda got my heart set on doing collages and presenting them in layers, it’ll be interesting to try out the techniques she uses. So far I’ve just been looking at the way the pieces are assembled together. I want to take photographs of objects that made me feel safe when I was younger, in the physical sense more than emotional. Now I know what I’d like to do for the 2D part of protection I feel loads better!



My conceptual art work is going a bit better than the protection work, I thought it would have been the other way around but anyway… I’ve been focusing on how a celebrity wants the fame and fortune as well as their privacy but can’t really have both. They’re constantly in the spotlight and in newspapers/magazines for everyday things. So I’ve decided to have burnt newspaper images and text stuck on to or between sheets of glass. I decided to burn the newspaper kind of with the idea of being so famous, even after death they will be remembered. My maquettes are above, I quite like the bottom left, I think it would be successful with a spotlight on it creating a shadow, possibly hanging up but I’m not sure how easy that will be!
John Latham’s shattered glass is aesthetically relevant but not the concept, I think it looks really good and I was going to try smashing a mirror before I saw this. If I could set the shatttered pieces is resin or glue it would be quite cool.


For the Protection project I have been thinking about a parents protection, how the relationship is quite fragile but can be overpowering. I want to have a soft material in a shape that’s guarding something small and precious(like Christine Borland’s piece above). I’ve tried a maquette, using calico with delicate wire. I would like to have text written on the material, like verbal protection as well as physical but who knows!
I’ve always been interested in Loiuse Bourgeouis, I read Runaway girl which helped me understand her work more. I like how her work symbolises relationships and feelings towards people . I think it’s appropriate for my work.
For the 2D part I think Im going to do a collage or a series of them over lapping, that’s all I’ve go so far!


George Braque

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Cubism is the movement i’ve been given to research and present! I wasn’t overly happy but at least I already know a bit about it, unlike some others that people got. I think the more I research it, the more i’ll enjoy the work. I like this piece because of the materials and composition is appealing.