Restricted Final outcome

Restriction Final work

Restriction Final work

Deciding on the 20 pieces that I am going to present was quite difficult. I wanted to pick the most successful work, not just the attractive pieces that I enjoyed working on. I decided to pick the pieces that weren’t the most successful in terms of meeting the brief, work that I couldn’t finish in the allocated time, annoyed me or that made me feel frustrated are the ones I am going to present.


New Brief

Aim –    Produce a series of 2D works in response to the word restriction.

Brief –  Create 20 A5 works, all within a limited time and with restricted materials. Times allocated for each piece must vary between 2 seconds and two hours. The time should be decided before starting. The same materials must be used for every piece but in various ways.

Summary of programme-   Week 1 – Write and follow brief. Start initial ideas and research.

Week 2 – Develop one idea and begin producing work.

Week 3 – Complete final work.

Time allocated – 3 Weeks.

I have decided on my material restrictions after some experimenting; Charcoal (it runs out, smudges and can snap), masking tape (it is sticky on one side, rips and is only one colour) and thread (it can break, when stitched it is fixed in that place and it relies on other materials to stay on the paper).

I’ve only done 5 drawings so far and I’m already having to think about how to put them together. I think I’ll enjoy working on this brief more than the last one, no more eggs!