Tracing paper


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I think this is the way I’m going to present it. The tracing paper captures the image well, iv still got to play around with the composition of the sculptures just to see where the image will reflect. The tracing paper isn’t clear so creates shadow and blocks out some of the background but you can still see through it which is what I wanted.


Red Acetate


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Tried the red acetate on my sculptures, itsquite effective but a bit too bold and not really what I want them to say! Looks nice though, I like how it highlights sections of the back wall with the projection on it.


Woo got this to work! This is what’s going to be projected on to my glass sculptures, I tried different text from articles and images of celebrities but this one was the most successful. I think this piece is what im going to present on wed.


My conceptual art work is going a bit better than the protection work, I thought it would have been the other way around but anyway… I’ve been focusing on how a celebrity wants the fame and fortune as well as their privacy but can’t really have both. They’re constantly in the spotlight and in newspapers/magazines for everyday things. So I’ve decided to have burnt newspaper images and text stuck on to or between sheets of glass. I decided to burn the newspaper kind of with the idea of being so famous, even after death they will be remembered. My maquettes are above, I quite like the bottom left, I think it would be successful with a spotlight on it creating a shadow, possibly hanging up but I’m not sure how easy that will be!
John Latham’s shattered glass is aesthetically relevant but not the concept, I think it looks really good and I was going to try smashing a mirror before I saw this. If I could set the shatttered pieces is resin or glue it would be quite cool.