LRC experiments

With the pages I ripped out the book I started experimenting in the LRC. First I just scattered the pages between two bookshelf’s, I would like to try a larger area and have them continuing up the window, like below but better. Another experiment I’d like to try out is filling a shelf or the whole bookshelf with empty books, no pages in it. This might work quite well with my projection? Anyway I tried it with one book. Also tried having the pages coming out of the books on the shelf, kind of looks like a books exploded a bit! So far I like the idea with the book without the pages along with the projection. It’s like removing or denying knowledge. Ruining something that people use as a get away, some people(Laura lol) might be a bit upset I’m ripping the books up, sorry! I am kind of glad of the reaction though lol


site specific experiment

This is just a really rough experiment! I’ve decided to have my site specific piece in the LRC, focusing on books and knowledge, well removing the knowledge and learning. I really like the close up version of this. I’ll try and edit the other parts of this vid.

Site Specific


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For this project I really want to have something sort of hidden, or private even. I was thinking about a cupboard or in between the book shelf’s, maybe on the shelf. I’ve not decide what I’m doing yet or even what type of art, still at the starting point really. Its such an open brief I don’t know where to begin! All the artists I’ve looked at so far have made quite big site specific work, apart from one but I’m not even entirely sure if her work would be counted as site specific? Sarah Sze.